The Stream, June 23: Wet Weather Beats Back Drought in U.S. Plains

The  Global Rundown

The Global Rundown

Floods in the U.S. Plains have helped lift a drought in the region, and wet weather is here to stay. Atlanta, Georgia is greatly expanding its emergency water supply, Nairobi, Kenya, is experimenting with water ATMs, and Florida environmental groups are suing the state over conservation budgets. A Canada-based water company recalled a number of its bottled water products due to possible contamination.

“It wouldn’t take a whole lot of dryness to spark things up again. I am not expecting that, because this pattern of wet weather is expected to continue at least through the summer.”–Luigi Romolo, a climatologist at the Southern Regional Climate Center, on the pattern of wet weather drenching the U.S. Plains region. Floods have relieved a drought in the area, revitalizing farms. (Reuters)

By the Numbers

By The Numbers

14 bottled water brands Number recalled voluntarily by Ontario-based drinking water company Niagara Bottling due to E. coli contamination at one of its sources. USA Today

9.4 billion liters Water storage capacity of a new reservoir being built from an old quarry in Atlanta, Georgia. Officials say the reservoir will contain a 30-day emergency water supply to protect against contamination events or drought. WSB-TV


Science, Studies, And Reports

Electronic water ATMs are dispensing cleaner and more cost-effective water supplies to residents in Nairobi, Kenya. The city’s water utility is piloting four ATMs and may expand the technology throughout the city. BBC News

On the Radar

On The Radar

Florida faces a lawsuit from environmental groups that say the state’s new budget improperly uses money set aside for conservation programs designed to protect water resources. Money for the conservation programs was approved last year in a constitutional amendment. Reuters

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