The Stream, March 23: Nile River Water-Sharing Agreement Signed

The  Global Rundown

The Global Rundown

Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan sign an agreement to end the conflict over the Grand Renaissance dam on the Nile River. Bhutan searches for international investors to help protect its vital watersheds, Rajendra Singh of India wins the 2015 Stockholm Water Prize, and thousands of water charge protesters march in Dublin. The United Nations celebrates the 22nd World Water Day.

“The onset of climate change, growing demand on finite water resources from agriculture, industry and cities, and increasing pollution in many areas are hastening a water crisis that can only be addressed by cross-sectoral, holistic planning and policies – internationally, regionally and globally,”–Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General, bringing attention to water and sustainable development on World Water Day, celebrated March 22. (UN News Centre)

By the Numbers

By The Numbers

80,000 Number of demonstrators protesting water charges in Dublin over the weekend, according to event organizers. Euractiv

8,600 johads Traditional earthen dams built in Rajasthan, which have been championed by 2015 Stockholm Water Prize winner Rajendra Singh for their ability to restore groundwater supplies in arid regions. Quartz


Science, Studies, And Reports

Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan signed a “Declaration of Principles” agreement Monday to share the Nile River’s water. The agreement will give downstream countries priority for the electricity generated by Ethiopia’s planned Grand Renaissance dam, as well as provide conflict resolution and damage compensation, according to Egypt’s irrigation minister. Reuters

On the Radar

On The Radar

Bhutan is seeking international investors for a program that will help it conserve its forests and watersheds, which provide water to much of Asia. The program would be similar to those implemented in the Brazilian Amazon. Bloomberg

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