The Stream, October 9: England’s Rivers Under Threat From Climate Change, Population Growth

The Global Rundown

The Global Rundown

Water scarcity is a growing concern in England, where climate change and population growth are putting pressure on rivers. Meteorologists expect southern Australia to get drier this month as an El Nino progresses, and rice farmers in Pakistan are experimenting with ways to conserve water. The leader of Canada’s Liberal Party promised to address boil water advisories in First Nation communities. California found flaws in its oversight of wastewater injection wells, and Flint, Michigan, decided to reconnect to Detroit’s water supply system following health concerns. A mine in Colombia plans to divert water to reach emerald deposits below the water table.

“A Canadian government led by me will address this as a top priority because it’s not right in a country like Canada that this has gone on for far too long.”–Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, on ending the 133 boil water advisories in First Nation communities, some of which have been in place for almost 20 years. (VICE News)

By the Numbers

By The Numbers

70 percent Chance of a drier than normal October in southern Australia due to intensifying El Nino conditions, according to the Australia Bureau of Meteorology. Guardian

30 farmers Number taking part in a pilot project in Pakistan’s Punjab province to sow rice seeds directly in fields instead of transplanting seedlings from nurseries, a technique that saves water. Reuters


Science, Studies, And Reports

California injection wells used to dispose of wastewater produced during oil production are inconsistently permitted and monitored by the state, a review by the state’s Department of Conservation found. The review was ordered amid concerns that the wells could contaminate drinking water supplies. Reuters

On the Radar

On The Radar

A combination of climate change and population growth is threatening the existence of some English rivers and raising concerns about water scarcity in the country. Government agencies estimate river flows could decline 15 percent by 2050 while water demand could increase by 35 percent. Guardian

A mining company operating in Colombia is looking to divert water under its Coscuez mine after finding that deposits of emeralds exist below the water table. Colombia’s emerald mining industry, once a major global producer, has declined in recent years. Bloomberg

The city of Flint, Michigan, plans to reconnect its water system to supplies from Detroit just a year after it began sourcing water from the Flint River. Evidence that suggested the water could be linked to higher lead levels in children prompted the city’s decision. Reuters

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