The Stream, April 22: Paris Climate Deal To Be Signed On Earth Day

The Global Rundown

Countries from around the world are prepared to sign a global deal to cut carbon emissions today. Scientists found that droughts, sea level rise, and heatwaves could be significantly worse if global temperatures rise 2 degrees Celsius instead of 1.5 degrees Celsius. Developers have abandoned the controversial Conga gold and copper mine project in Peru. Aid organizations warned that stagnant water left in the aftermath of Ecuador’s earthquakes could facilitate the spread of Zika and other diseases. Denver, Colorado is expanding its efforts to reuse partially treated wastewater.

“There is a lot of stagnant water which greatly increases the number of breeding sites for mosquitoes. As a result, there’s a higher risk of mosquito-borne disease such as Zika virus and dengue fever.”–Lucy Harman, the emergency team leader in Ecuador for humanitarian organization CARE International, on the threat of disease in the aftermath of major earthquakes in Ecuador this month. (Reuters)

By The Numbers

165 countries Number expected to sign the global Paris climate accord to curb carbon emissions and slow climate change on Friday. Reuters

7.5 billion liters Amount of partially treated wastewater Denver, Colorado is recycling annually to irrigate green spaces. The Denver Post

Science, Studies, and Reports

Regional dry spells could increase 4 percent more under a scenario in which global temperatures rise 2 degrees Celsius instead of 1.5 degrees Celsius, according to a study published in the journal Earth System Dynamics. The study also found that sea levels would rise 10 centimeters more under hotter conditions. Guardian

On The Radar

A U.S. mining company has abandoned its pursuit of the $4.8 billion Conga gold and copper mine in Peru. The mine has long been opposed by local residents who feared that it would pollute and dry up water supplies. Circle of Blue

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