The Stream, March 8: Durban Water Rationing On Horizon

The Global Rundown

As a severe drought continues to cripple South Africa, significant water rationing is planned for the city of Durban, according to unofficial utility documents. Colombia’s Mines and Energy minister resigned as a drought stresses the country’s electricity supplies. The drinking water plant in Aleppo, Syria resumed operation after a 48-day shutoff. Families in Flint, Michigan filed a lawsuit against the state’s governor over a lead-contaminated water crisis, and an indigenous community in Peru took public officials hostage to protest an oil spill that polluted rivers in the Amazon last month. Scotland began construction on its biggest stormwater tunnel.

“Parties to the conflict must stop attacking or deliberately interrupting water supply, which is indispensable for the survival of the population.” –Hanaa Singer, representative in Syria for the United Nations Children’s Fund, on the use of water as a weapon in the country’s ongoing civil war. The drinking water plant supplying the city of Aleppo began operating over the weekend for the first time in 48 days. (UN News Centre)

By The Numbers

8 public officials Number taken hostage by the Mayuriaga indigenous community in Peru. The community was protesting its exclusion from a list to receive emergency supplies after an oil spill that polluted rivers last month. Reuters

7 families Number in Flint, Michigan who sued Governor Rick Snyder and state officials Monday over the city’s lead-contaminated drinking water crisis. The Wall Street Journal

Science, Studies, And Reports

Water supplies in Durban, South Africa could be shut off for nine hours a day, two days a week under restrictions proposed in an unofficial report by the city’s water utility. A severe drought in South Africa has drawn down water supplies in dams to critical levels. Times Live

On The Radar

Colombia’s struggles to maintain reliable electricity supplies amid a severe drought and a fire at a hydropower plant prompted the country’s Mines and Energy minister to resign this week. Hydropower provides 70 percent of Colombia’s electricity. Reuters

Scotland is beginning construction of a massive new stormwater tunnel in Glasgow. The 5-kilometer tunnel is scheduled for completion in 2018, and will be the largest in the country. BBC News

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