The Stream, May 16: Drought Pegged As Factor In Venezuela’s Unraveling

The Global Rundown

Leaders in Venezuela cited a severe drought as at least one of the factors driving instability in the country. Millions of people globally were displaced from their homes in 2015 by natural hazards including droughts, floods, and storms, a new report found. The monsoon is expected to be late but above average this year in India, where an ongoing drought has triggered a rash of farmer suicides. In Britain, sea lampreys are beginning their annual migration up rivers to spawn.

“There was a big scuffle … There were shots in the air and they fired tear gas.” –Manuel Cardenas, witness to one of a series of looting events that occurred over the past week in Venezuela as residents became desperate to obtain basic goods. Government leaders have blamed deteriorating economic conditions in the country on low oil prices, right-wing politics, and a drought that has severely curtailed electricity production. Reuters

By The Numbers

3,228 suicides Number committed by farmers in India’s Maharashtra state last year, many due to poor financial situations caused by an ongoing drought. NPR

170,000 eggs Number that can be laid by one sea lamprey, ancient fish that are now making their annual migration up British rivers to spawn. Guardian

Science, Studies, And Reports

More than 19 million people were forced from their homes in 2015 by natural hazards, including droughts, floods, and tropical storms, according to a report by the Norwegian Refugee Council. In the wake of the report’s release, leaders at the United Nations called on countries to improve disaster risk management at the local level to avoid displacement. UN News Centre

On The Radar

Monsoon rains in India are not expected to start until June 7 this year, a week later than normal, according to the India Meteorological Department. However, after two consecutive years of below-average monsoons, officials predict rainfall totals this year will be 106 percent of long-term average levels. Bloomberg

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