The Stream, April 11: Flint Water Improving, Officials Say

The Global Rundown

The water supply system in Flint, Michigan, is beginning to slowly recover from lead contamination, according to U.S. officials. Dozens of stations and sites on the London Underground are at risk from flooding. Brazil’s Belo Monte dam was used to raise money for political parties, testimony in a corruption case revealed. Large swaths of farmland in Thailand are nearing a drought crisis. Waterborne diseases are on the rise in Mumbai.

“The drinking water system is recovering. You’ve got a dramatic decrease in the soluble lead. What we’re seeing though is particulate lead, which indicates that the system is unstable.” Robert Kaplan, acting administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 5, which includes Flint, Michigan, speaking about the condition of the city’s water supply. Flint has been struggling with a lead-contaminated water crisis for the past two years. (Reuters)

By The Numbers

$41.4 million Amount the Belo Monte hydropower dam was used to generate in donations to the ruling political coalition in Brazil, according to testimony in an ongoing corruption investigation. Guardian

1/2 non-irrigated land Area in Thailand that is nearing a drought crisis, according to the Royal Irrigation Department. Electricity generation in the Northeast is also at risk due to low water levels. Bangkok Post

Science, Studies, And Reports

A report assessing the risk of flooding for the London Underground found that 85 sites, including stations, shafts, and tunnel entrances, are at high risk. Of those, 57 stations are at high risk, among them the busy stations of Waterloo and King’s Cross. Guardian

On The Radar

Cases of waterborne diseases such as typhoid and hepatitis E and A are rising in Mumbai, according to doctors at the city’s hospitals. The illnesses can be transmitted through contaminated water, and residents are being urged to carry their own bottles of boiled water. dna

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