HotSpots H2O, June 6: Filipinos Are Without Water as Government Battles Islamic State

The Global Rundown

Civilians in Marawi, Philippines are without food and water after a government offensive against IS militants went awry. An average of 10,000 people are fleeing west Mosul each day as fighting between IS and the Iraqi government continues. UNICEF rushes to provide food, water, and sanitation services to Congolese refugees arriving in Angola. Thousands of Nigerian refugees face severe water shortages upon returning to their home country. The number of cholera cases in Yemen could reach 300,000 within the next month.

“The fact that huge numbers of Iraqis continue to flee West Mosul, despite the dangers involved, is a testament of both the dire situation inside, and the enormous task ahead of us to alleviate the suffering of IDPs [internally displaced persons].” –International Organization for Migration (IOM) Iraq Chief of Mission, Thomas Lothar Weiss, in reference to the 10,000-plus refugees leaving west Mosul each day. Most are fleeing to nearby DP camps, which are struggling to provide adequate food, water, and healthcare. Nearly 750,000 people have fled Mosul since fighting between IS and the Iraqi government began in 2016. UN News Centre

By The Numbers

25,000 Number of Congolese refugees who have escaped to Angola amid escalating violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Kasai province. UNICEF is calling for urgent aid to help provide the refugees with food, water, sanitation services, and shelter. UN News Centre

Latest death toll in Marawi, Philippines, where a battle between the government and IS forces broke out last Tuesday. A failed attempt to capture militant leader Isnilon Hapilon sent the city into turmoil and has left many civilians without adequate food or water. The Washington Post, BBC

Science, Studies, And Reports

Thousands of Nigerian refugees, who had fled to Cameroon to evade terrorist organization Boko Haram, are returning to northern Nigeria despite severe water shortages and ongoing unrest. According to an Oxfam report, the refugees were promised increased aid and a safe return to their villages, but have instead been met with “appalling” conditions. Relief Web

On The Radar

The cholera outbreak in Yemen continues to spiral out of control, with 300,000 cases possible by the end of this month according to UNICEF. Ongoing conflict has left Yemenis with little access to clean water or health services, allowing the disease to spread rapidly. New York Times