The Stream, August 15: Resolution Reached in India’s 50-Year-Old Mahadayi River Dispute

The Global Rundown

Karnataka, India, is awarded additional water from the Mahadayi River, ending a decades-long dispute with the state of Goa. Water utilities in California vary in their utilization of climate change science. ‘Historic’ flooding sweeps through the northeastern United States. Politicians in New South Wales, Australia, urge the government to sell environmental water entitlements to desperate farmers. Illinois amends a state water bill, making it easier for private companies to purchase large water systems. Drought-stricken Germany deliberates allowing livestock to graze in ecological conservation areas.

“The continued dry period is for farmers a great challenge. This is especially for livestock farms, which in some areas lack feed for their animals.” –A statement from Germany’s agriculture ministry, in reference to the summer heatwave that has decimated the country’s crops and animal fodder. The country may temporarily loosen environmental regulations and allow protected meadows to be used as livestock feed. Reuters

Latest WaterNews from Circle of Blue

What’s Up With Water – August 13, 2018 – “What’s Up With Water” condenses the need-to-know news on the world’s water into a weekly snapshot. Coverage this week includes: severe drought in Australia, extreme heat in Europe, and Israel’s changing water strategy.

HotSpots H2O, August 13: Intercommunal Violence Escalates in Ethiopia, Displacing One Million PeopleSince April, intercommunal violence has flared in Ethiopia’s Gedeo and West Guji zones, displacing an estimated one million people. The cause of the violence is unclear, but long-time regional tensions over land and water may be partially to blame.

By The Numbers

4 inches Amount of rain that was forecast to hit parts of the northeastern U.S. on Tuesday. Heavy rains have already swamped homes and roadways in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey this week. Thousands have lost power and several people were rescued from waterways and flooded cars and homes. Reuters

500 gigaliters Amount of water currently stored in Australia’s southern Murray Darling Basin. Politicians are calling on the government to begin selling the environmental entitlements to the stored water, arguing that it would allow farmers in New South Wales to combat drought and save livestock. Critics, however, say that selling the entitlements could disrupt the environment and farmers elsewhere in Australia. The Guardian

Past reporting on Australia from Circle of Blue: The Biggest Dry

Science, Studies, And Reports

A study by the University of California looked at variations in the use of climate science among water utilities in the state. Researchers found that although some utilities are preparing for climate change, others are disregarding data on future climate alterations, putting residents and water supplies at risk. Science Daily

On The Radar

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner signed an amendment to the Illinois Water Systems Viability Act, which allows private water companies to purchase water utilities in the state. The amendment extends for 10 years and also lifts limits on the size of water systems that can be bought out. Critics say that the changes will likely lead to higher water bills for consumers in parts of Illinois. Chicago Tribune

Spotlight: India

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A 50-year-old water dispute between India’s Karnataka and Goa states came to an end on Tuesday when the Mahadayi River Water Tribunal awarded Karnataka an additional 5 TMC (one thousand million cubic feet) of water from the Mahadayi. Overall, the tribunal allocated 24 TMC to Goa, 13.5 TMC to Karnataka, and 1.33 TMC to Maharashtra, saying that equal distribution of water between the three states was “neither necessary nor feasible.” News18

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