The Stream, August 9: Water Quality Still Poor in Puerto Rico 10 Months After Hurricane Maria

The Global Rundown

Water quality in Puerto Rico remains poor nearly a year after Hurricane Maria. U.S. federal agencies are instructed to use any water needed to combat California wildfires. Severe drought leaves Germany with the worst harvest in 24 years. The entire state of New South Wales, Australia, succumbs to drought. A recent study suggests strategies to improve India’s water management. Water quality monitoring in Florida has dwindled in recent years, complicating the fight against recent algae blooms.

“The water comes out of the tap white, and sometimes dark and dirty, with particles in it.  Before the hurricane, the water wasn’t like that.” –Marta Rivera, a resident of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, in reference to the inconsistent water quality on the island since Hurricane Maria hit 10 months ago. Although officials have declared that a majority of the island’s water is drinkable, residents remain wary and water quality testing has been minimal. The Guardian

Latest WaterNews from Circle of Blue

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HotSpots H2O, August 6: Poorly-Defined Water Rights Spark Disputes Over Brazil’s Rivers   – A lack of clarity over who holds the rights to Brazil’s rivers is fueling disputes between industrial leaders, indigenous groups, and the government.

By The Numbers

115 Number of water quality sampling sites in Florida today, compared to 350 a decade ago. The state has hampered water protection efforts and shrunk its water-management agencies in recent years. According to some experts, better tracking could have helped prevent and minimize the state’s current toxic algae blooms. Miami Herald

In context: Algal Blooms Are No Accident For Florida Everglades and Estuaries.

100 percent Proportion of New South Wales, Australia, that is officially in drought. Neighboring Australian states are experiencing dry conditions as well. The drought is destroying crops and leaving livestock without adequate food or water. BBC

Science, Studies, And Reports

A report by the German farm cooperative DRV predicts that Germany’s 2018 grain yield will 20 percent less than a year ago, and the worst harvest since 1994. According to the DRV, the country’s local supply is also below demand for the first time “in a long while.” Bloomberg

On The Radar

On Wednesday, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross ordered federal agencies to use any water necessary to “protect life and property” in California, where several large wildfires are blazing. Reuters

Spotlight: India

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A recent study on water sector resilience in India urged the country to expand its reuse of treated water in order to meet the demands of a growing power sector. The study also called for improvements to irrigation efficiency and water sector regulation. The Times of India

In context: Mindful of Water Scarcity, Cost, and Pollution, Tamil Nadu Turns to Sun and Wind Power.

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