The Stream, July 11: Reservoir Levels in Wales Fall As Record-Breaking Heat Continues

The Global Rundown

Officials in Wales say the country’s water supply remains sufficient despite receding reservoirs. Japan rushes to find survivors and restore utilities after its worst flooding in years. Residents of Mumbai, India, are warned to stay indoors as monsoon rains swamp low-lying areas with waist-deep water. Residents of Compton, California, sue their water provider over dirty tap water. The boil-water advisory in Salem, Oregon, has been lifted, but residents remain wary.

“We are getting calls from people who are super thankful, and we are also getting calls from people who are upset.” –Kenny Larson, a spokesman for the city of Salem, Oregon, in reference to a recently-lifted drinking water advisory that had been in place since late May due to algal toxins. City officials say the water is now safe to consume, but many residents say they will continue drinking bottled water for the time being. The Statesman Journal

In context: Oregon Capital Battles Algal Toxins in Drinking Water

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Regulators Will Soon Know A Lot More About Algal Toxins in U.S. Drinking Water – For the next two years, water utilities are required to test for ten cyanotoxins.

HotSpots H2O, July 9: Protests in Iran Turn Violent as Discontent Over Water Scarcity Grows  – Water-related protests in Iran turned violent last week, leaving eleven people injured in the city of Abadan.

By The Numbers

200,000 People in Japan who are without running water after devastating flooding knocked out utilities over the weekend. An estimated 3,500 households are also without electricity. The death toll from the floods continues to rise, surpassing 150 people as of Tuesday afternoon. Reuters

32.6°C (91°F) A record-high temperature recorded in Porthmadog, Wales, at the end of June. The country is in the midst of a weeks-long heatwave, which is causing water demand to spike and many reservoirs to recede at unprecedented rates. Despite this, Wales’ main utility insists that supply is still adequate for the coming months. BBC

Science, Studies, And Reports

Residents in Compton, California, have struggled for years with dirty tap water, which they say is brown and often smells like chlorine or rust. Now, four residents are moving forward with a lawsuit against the Sativa Los Angeles County Water District, claiming that the provider has failed to supply clean drinking water and has placed a financial burden on lower-income residents. The Los Angeles Times

On The Radar

Mumbai, India, has been inundated by four days of heavy monsoon rains, and the downpour is forecast to continue for at least another two days. The rains, which are waist-deep in some areas, have halted train services and delayed flights. Officials are urging residents to stay indoors until flood waters subside. Reuters

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