The Stream, May 8: Flash Floods Sweep Away Cars and Injure 6 in Ankara, Turkey

The Global Rundown

Flash floods sweep through the streets of Ankara, Turkey, injuring at least six. Elsewhere, heavy flooding continues to inundate East Africa, displacing thousands. Yemen launches a widespread cholera vaccination campaign as the rainy seasons begins. Lawmakers in Australia reach a consensus on the future of the Murray-Darling basin plan. Almost 200 free-roaming horses die on Navajo land in Arizona while searching for water.  

“It’s a sensitive subject to begin with because horses are considered sacred animals, so you just can’t go out and euthanize them. That would go too far against cultural conditions. At the same time, we have a bunch of horses no one is caring for, so it’s a delicate balance.” –Erny Zah, a former spokesperson for the Navajo nation, in reference to the unsustainable feral horse population on Navajo lands in Arizona. Recently, 191 horses died while searching for water in the drought-stricken area. Washington Post

Latest WaterNews from Circle of Blue

What’s Up With Water – May 7, 2018 – “What’s Up With Water” condenses the need-to-know news on the world’s water into a snapshot for the start of the workweek. Listen to this week’s edition to hear coverage on flash floods in Somalia, rising dam levels in Cape Town, and water stress in Los Angeles, California.

HotSpots H2O, May 7: Yemen Risks Another Cholera Outbreak During Rainy Season, RamadanResearchers believe that small behavioral changes during Ramadan, along with the rainy season and the country’s chronic breakdown in public services, create a perfect storm for the emergence of cholera.

By The Numbers

350,000 Number of people targeted by a cholera vaccination campaign in Aden, Yemen. The World Health Organization (WHO) and other aid organizations are rushing to provide vaccinations to prevent an influx of the waterborne disease as the rainy season begins. Reuters

In context: Yemen risks another cholera outbreak during rainy season, Ramadan

6 Number of people injured by flash floods in Ankara, Turkey. Heavy rains inundated the Turkish capital over the weekend, damaging buildings and sweeping away cars. Rains are expected to continue throughout the upcoming week. Al Jazeera

Science, Studies, And Reports

Heavy rainfall continues to batter East Africa, an abrupt change from the severe drought that devastated the region throughout 2017. The flooding has displaced an estimated 244,000 people and killed more than 100. Using satellite imaging, NASA estimated that total rainfall in some areas reached 430 mm (16.9 inches) between April 27 and May 4, 2018. Relief Web

On The Radar

After weeks of debate in the Australian senate, the country has decided to substitute water efficiency projects in place of buying back 605GL of water in the southern Murray-Darling basin. There is also ongoing support for another amendment to the basin plan, which would cut down the water recovery target in the northern basin by 70GL. The Guardian

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