The Stream, September 13: Manure Lagoons in North Carolina At Risk of Overflowing During Hurricane Florence Landfall

The Global Rundown

Hog farmers in North Carolina rush to drain manure lagoons ahead of Hurricane Florence. Iraq’s irrigated wheat area decreases by half due to drought. Colorado’s current drought is set to be the fourth-worst in 123 years. Zimbabwe declares a cholera emergency as the waterborne illness spreads. The state government in Kerala, India, order post-flood studies as rivers begin to run dry just weeks after the state’s worst flooding in a century. Detroit schools consider $2 million in water hydration stations after elevated levels of copper and lead were found in 34 schools.

“It is the only way to ensure that the water … is pure.” –Nikolai Vitti, superintendent of Detroit’s public schools, speaking about plans to install water hydration stations in the district’s 106 schools buildings, 34 of which are contaminated with unsafe levels of lead or copper. The $2 million fix would filter contaminants out before they left the source. The plan must be approved by the Detroit Board of Education before it is implemented. Detroit Free Press

Latest WaterNews from Circle of Blue

Speaking of Water Podcast – Benedito Braga, President of the World Water Council  – Benedito Braga looks back on pivotal moments of the past few years, such as Day Zero in Cape Town and São Paulo, the grand problems ahead, and finally, to what message he would leave on the desk of the incoming president of the World Water Council.

HotSpots H2O, September 10: Deadly Protests in Iraq’s Oil Hub Driven by Polluted Water, Government NeglectProtests over power outages, chronic unemployment, and the city’s deteriorating water system escalated dangerously last week in Basra, the country’s economic capital.

By The Numbers

500,000 hectares Wheat fields in Iraq that will be irrigated during the 2018-2019 season, compared with one million hectares last year. Water shortages are gripping the country, leading to the cut in irrigated fields. Voice of America

16.67 inches Average yearly precipitation across Colorado in the past 123 years. This year, precipitation has measured 4.55 inches below average, and 2018 is set to be the fourth-driest year on record. The Colorado Gazette

Science, Studies, And Reports

Zimbabwe has declared a cholera emergency after more than 2,000 people in the capital Harare fell ill after drinking contaminated water. Twenty people have reportedly died from the disease. Reuters

On The Radar

Hog farmers in North Carolina are hurriedly draining manure waste “lagoons,” which residents fear could overflow and contaminate rivers when Hurricane Florence makes landfall this week. A similar situation happened in 1999, when Hurricane Floyd struck the state, but many fear that the heavy rainfall and flooding caused by Florence could be worse. NPR

In context: EPA Turns Away from CAFO Water Pollution.

Spotlight: India

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Just weeks after Kerala, India, was inundated by record-breaking floods, many of the state’s rivers and wells have run dry, prompting the government to order a study of post-flood impacts. Other unprecedented issues, including heightened mercury levels and a massive earthworm die-off, are also plaguing the state. News18

In context: Recovery Begins in Kerala, Where Historic Flooding Killed Hundreds.

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