The Stream, April 26: Strongest Cyclone Ever to Hit Mozambique Makes Landfall

The Global Rundown

Cyclone Kenneth, the strongest cyclone ever to hit Mozambique, makes landfall. Water plays a key role in India’s sprawling general election. Ongoing flood conditions in the midwestern United States stall fertilizer shipments. Wildfires break out in parched areas of Europe. Despite assurances that the water in Flint, Michigan, is safe, many residents remain wary of the city’s supply.

“For me, it really clicked that I just didn’t trust drinking water any more, no matter where I was. You don’t even realize it has impacted you for so long. To this day, I still have to coach myself and say it’s OK.” –Ebonie Gipson, a resident of Flint, Michigan, in reference to her distrust of drinking water in the wake of the city’s water crisis. Five years on from the water crisis, Flint’s water is now declared safe–but many residents continue to rely on bottled water for their daily needs. MLive

Latest WaterNews from Circle of Blue

New Zealand Waterways Fouled by Farm Runoff, Tourist WastePesticides, trash, and heavy metals litter New Zealand’s waterways.

Nitrate Pollution Rising In Private Wells in IowaReport highlights lack of water quality data for household wells.

By The Numbers

225 kilometers per hour (140 mph) Wind speeds recorded as Cyclone Kenneth made landfall in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province, just five weeks after Cyclone Idai battered central Mozambique. The massive storm is expected to stall over the region for several days, dumping up to one meter (3.28 feet) of rain in some areas. The Guardian

500 miles Distance between dozens of barges loaded with fertilizer that are trapped near St. Louis, and major fertilizer distribution hubs in Minnesota. The fertilizer in necessary for spring planting, but is stranded on the swollen Mississippi River, which has been beset with flooding several times this spring. Reuters

Science, Studies, and Reports

Wildfires are breaking out in several parts of Europe following weeks of dry conditions. Forest fires have hit three German states, as well as parts of Scandinavia. Rain is forecasted over the next couple days, but is expected to be below-average overall this summer.

On the Radar

India is nearly halfway through its massive, 39-day staggered general election. Water is a key issue among voters, with some praising incumbent Prime Minister Narendra Modi for recent improvements in water and sanitation, and others criticizing government action on drought and pollution. One contentious issue is the Ganges River, which Modi pledged to clean up by 2020 but remains heavily polluted. Reuters

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