The Stream, August 20, 2019: India Using Water as a Weapon of War, Pakistan Says

The Global Rundown

Pakistan accuses India of using water as a weapon amid conflict over the Kashmir region. Records show that Detroit, Michigan, has shut off water at nearly 12,000 homes this year. Steady rainfall finally reaches Chennai, India. Drought-stricken Zambia says it will not “beg” for aid. Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico will face their first round of mandatory Colorado River cutbacks next year. 

“While we appreciate this year’s above-average snowpack, one good year doesn’t mean the drought is over. We must remain vigilant.” –Brenda Burman, the U.S. federal Reclamation Commissioner, in reference to water levels in the Colorado River and its reservoirs. Next year, Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico will face a first round of agreed-upon cutbacks in the Colorado River water supply. The cutbacks will help maintain water levels in the Lake Mead reservoir. USA Today

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Latest WaterNews from Circle of Blue

HotSpots H2O: Drought and Unrest Push Residents Out of Central America’s Dry CorridorResidents of Central America’s Dry Corridor are at a crossroads: stay in the drought-stricken region, where food insecurity and violence are rampant, or migrate. 

What’s Up With Water – August 19, 2019 — This week’s edition of What’s Up With Water includes coverage on snow droughts in the western United States, desalination in Sydney, Australia, and the difficulty of forecasting urban water crises.

By The Numbers

2.3 million Residents of Zambia who will likely be food insecure by March as the country endures its worst drought in nearly 40 years. Despite the food shortages, the Zambian government says it will not “beg” by declaring a national emergency. BNN Bloomberg

11,800 Homes in Detroit, Michigan, that have had their water shut off this year due to nonpayment. As of August 1, 7,310 of the homes, which are mostly occupied, still had no running water. Activists say the shutoff rate is startling, and contradicts city promises that shutoffs should be resolved within 48 hours. Bridge 

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When the Water Is Shut Off

Voices From Detroit: Life Without Water

Science, Studies, and Reports

Chennai, the Indian megacity where four key reservoirs ran dry earlier this summer, is now receiving consistent monsoon rains. Local media reports that showers were steady over the weekend, and more rainfall is expected this week. The Times of India

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On the Radar

Pakistan and India are sparring once again over water, after Pakistan accused India of releasing water unannounced from a dam near the border of the two countries. Tensions are already high between the two nations due to changes in the status of the disputed Kashmir region, and Pakistan said the release of the water constitutes “fifth-generation warfare.” Reuters

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