The Stream, January 24: Another Mass Fish Kill Strikes New South Wales, Australia

The Global Rundown

Thousands more fish die in New South Wales, Australia. New Florida governor Ron DeSantis calls for the resignation of the state’s water policy managers. Indonesia’s Jenebarang River overflows, swamping homes and killing six people. Urban designers make Wuhan, China, into a “sponge city,” in a bid to boost flood resilience. Zimbabwe considers installing water flow regulators in homes amid declining rainfall.

“It’s tough when you have to buy water … and sellers demand foreign currency.” –Bensen Muzamba, a maize farmer in Zimbabwe, in reference to buying irrigation water this season. Recently, rainfall across the country has been minimal and unpredictable, complicating water access for Zimbabwean farmers. To help conserve water, officials are considering placing water flow regulators in homes. Reuters

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U.S. Governors Detail Water Priorities for 2019  — State of the State speeches highlight diverse budget and policy goals.

By The Numbers

6 People killed in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, after severe rainfall caused the Jenebarang River to overflow its banks. The flooding has also left 10 missing and displaced several thousand. The Jakarta Post

30 Lakes remaining in Wuhan, China, compared to more than 100 lakes in the 1980s. Rapid urbanization caused the water bodies to be drained or paved over, which in turn led to an increased flooding risk. In response, the city is implementing “sponge” features, like permeable pavement and rain gardens, to help absorb floodwaters. The Guardian

Science, Studies, And Reports

Another mass fish kill struck New South Wales, Australia, this week, leaving thousands of fish dead. The disaster occurred at Lake Inverell, which lies nearly 900 kilometers (560 miles) north of the Darling River at Menindee, where up to a million fish died earlier this month. The state government has begun an investigation into the kill. The Guardian

In context:
HotSpots H2O: Massive Fish Kills Fuel Anger Over Murray-Darling Basin Management
What’s Up With Water – January 21, 2019

On The Radar

Ron DeSantis, the newly-elected governor of Florida, is calling for the resignation of the state’s water policy managers after the group turned down his request to delay a land lease extension in the Everglades. The extension allows sugar company Florida Crystals to operate for another eight years in the vulnerable wetlands. Several of the water policy managers, however, are refusing to step down, meaning DeSantis may forcibly remove them from office. The Guardian

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