The Stream, July 2, 2019: Freak Storm Dumps Two Meters of Hail on Guadalajara, Mexico

The Global Rundown

A freak storm deluges Guadalajara, Mexico, with hail up to two meters deep. Testing shows that nearly 20 percent of California schools have lead in their water. Rivers in Alaska swell as hot temperatures lead to rapidly-melting glaciers. India deploys 250 civil servants to try and address water shortages in the parched country. A new report details the water contamination hazards of coal ash dumps in Australia.

“What you have is a poisonous slurry containing heavy metals being dumped over virgin soil. My concern is that it is leaching into the water table and Lake Macquarie and is going to continue for hundreds of years.” –Sue Wynn, a resident near Vales Point coal power station in New South Wales, Australia. A recent report by Environmental Justice Australia alleged that much of the 400 million tonnes of coal ash stored throughout Australia is poorly managed and found that there have been contamination issues in every mainland Australian state. The Guardian

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By The Numbers

354 Wildfires, spanning 443,211 acres, that were burning in Alaska as of Sunday. Unusually high temperatures are affecting the state, causing both wildfires and flooded rivers as glacier snow melt inundates the waterways. Reuters

250 Civil servants that India is sending to its driest states as part of a plan to address crippling water shortages in the country. India experienced its driest June in five years, and officials are urging citizens to conserve water. Reuters

In context: Reservoirs in Parched Chennai, City of Millions, Are Dry. Can Better Forecasting Avert Future Crises?

Science, Studies, and Reports

Detectable lead levels were found in the water systems of one-fifth of California grade schools, according to data gathered by the Environmental Working Group. So far this year, 6,595 California schools have submitted test results to the State Water Resources Control Board, and 1,166 of the schools had lead in at least one faucet. Experts warn that the lead contamination could be detrimental to childrens’ health. EWG

On the Radar

A freak storm hit Guadalajara, Mexico, on Sunday, dumping hail up to two meters (6.6 feet) in some areas. Officials say the storm, which damaged cars and businesses, is unlike anything ever seen in the city of 5 million. Al Jazeera

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