The Stream, June 14, 2019: Prosecutors Dismiss Criminal Charges in Flint Water Crisis Cases

The Global Rundown

The Michigan Department of the Attorney General unexpectedly dismisses criminal charges in eight cases linked to the Flint water crisis. Cyclone Vayu turns away from Gujarat, India, and is now expected to only skirt the coast. Queensland, Australia, approves groundwater plans for the controversial Carmichael coal mine. India’s sugar output could tumble by 15 percent due to drought, industry officials warn. Tokyo’s myriad waterways, once a key part of the city, have now been largely neglected.  

“As Tokyo has modernised, the role of water has disappeared. But the past memory and images still exist in today’s Tokyo and are an important factor in understanding the identity of Tokyo.” –Hideonbu Jinnai, a professor at Hosei University, in reference to the many rivers and canals that once ran freely through the city. Now, Tokyo is home to 37 million people, and many of the rivers have dried up or been paved over. The waterways that remain are mostly neglected. The Guardian

In context: Recurring Dry Spells Fuel Water Worries in Tokyo.

Latest WaterNews from Circle of Blue

Pesticides, Antibiotics, Heavy Metals Tarnish Europe’s Waterways — New chemicals and medicines are being developed, then leaching into waterways, faster than researchers can study them.

With Heavy Spring Rains, Lake Erie Algal Bloom Forecast Gets Worse and Worse — The latest Lake Erie forecast projects a large buildup of harmful cyanobacteria this summer. It should be one of the largest blooms in the beleaguered lake since 2002. A bigger bloom, however, does not necessarily mean a more toxic bloom, researchers caution.

By The Numbers

8 High-profile criminal cases that were abruptly dismissed by the Michigan Department of the Attorney General on Thursday. The cases were dropped without prejudice, meaning charges can be refiled or added. The office’s Flint Water Prosecution team says a more thorough investigation will now be conducted, adding that all available evidence was not pursued” by the previous team of prosecutors. Bridge

In context: Circle of Blue’s coverage of the Flint water crisis.

15 percent Amount that India’s sugar output could drop during the 2019-20 harvest season, compared to a year ago. The shortfall is due to water shortages in India’s key sugarcane growing regions, including Maharashtra. Reuters  

Science, Studies, and Reports

The Queensland government approved a groundwater management plan for the controversial Carmichael coal mine and cleared the Adani mining company to begin work at the mine site. The approval does not cover the north Galilee water pipeline scheme, which is under reconsideration after the federal government admitted to not conducting a thorough investigation of environmental impacts. The Guardian

On the Radar

Cyclone Vayu, which was on track to hit the western Indian state of Gujarat, is now moving northwest and only expected to skirt the Indian coast. The cyclone has still disrupted travel in the region, however, as well as tampering with monsoon rains. Reuters

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