The Stream, June 18, 2019: India Hopes to Provide Drinking Water to All Rural Homes by 2024, PM Says

The Global Rundown

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announces ambitious plan to pipe clean water to all rural homes by 2024. Israel installs a fourth water pipeline into Gaza. A new study warns that rising global temperatures could bring more severe drought and flooding to Africa than previously thought. A week of rain arrives is expected in Sydney, Australia, but meteorologists say it won’t be enough to break the city’s drought. A sweltering heat wave kills dozens and leaves many without water in India.

“We have no arrangements for water. We keep getting it from whatever source is available. If nothing is available, we climb down the well for drinking water.” –Asha Pawar, a resident of Beed, Maharashtra, in reference to the extreme water scarcity in parts on India right now. An intense heat wave, coupled with dry conditions, is wreaking havoc across India, and has killed dozens in the state of Bihar. Al Jazeera

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HotSpots H2O: Violence Flares in India Amid Record Heat and Delayed Monsoon Rains  — India’s monsoon, essential for the country’s water supply, arrived a week late this year, testing the patience of a country where extreme weather is fraying the social fabric.  

What’s Up With Water Global Rundown 06.17.18 — This week’s edition of What’s Up With Water includes coverage on India’s drought, nitrate contamination in the United States, and a proposed power plant on the Nile River.

By The Numbers

46mm (1.8 inches) Rainfall recorded on the north shore of Sydney, Australia, on Monday, with more rain anticipated for the rest of the week. The city is in the midst of a months-long drought and recently announced the first water restrictions in decades. Meteorologists say the rain will help replenish reservoirs, but will not be enough to lift the drought. The Guardian

Science, Studies, and Reports

A new study warns that the African continent will likely experience more severe rainy spells, interspersed with intense droughts, than previously thought due to rising global temperatures. Authors of the study say the extreme cyclical weather could have a devastating impact on farming. The Guardian

On the Radar

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced over the weekend that his administration hopes to pipe clean water to all rural households by 2024. Currently, several hundred million of India’s residents do not have running water in their homes. Reuters

Israel has begun construction on a fourth pipeline to carry water into the Gaza Strip. The pipeline is the largest yet and will provide increased drinking water to the territory. Times of Israel

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