The Stream, March 22: Two Iowa Towns Relying on Trucked-In Water as U.S. Flooding Continues

The Global Rundown

Two flood-hit communities in Iowa are relying on trucked-in water after a shutdown of their water treatment plants. Rescue operations continue in deluged Mozambique, where the death toll from Cyclone Idai has topped 217. The price of bottled water continues to rise in crisis-stricken Venezuela. Drought slashes hydropower output in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Flooding in the United States moves downstream along the Missouri River.

“There’s just water as far as the eye can see, from bluff to bluff. In some places it’s five miles, in some 15.” –Jamie Barnes, a real estate agent in Craig, Missouri, which is inundated following a levee break along the Missouri River. Unprecedented flooding has swept through much of the midwestern U.S., and is now moving downstream along the Missouri River. Reuters

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New Mexico Oil Production Is Soaring. Now What To Do With The Wastewater?State lawmakers pass bill to facilitate reusing salty water from the oil fields.

Historic Missouri River Flood Damages Water Infrastructure — Sewage spills, pollution risks, and reduced capacity at drinking water plants.

By The Numbers

15,000 People in Mozambique who still need to be rescued following Cyclone Idai. Rescue workers have been pulling survivors from trees and rooftops, and many of the people who remain stranded are ill or injured. The cyclone wreaked havoc in several countries, with death tolls of 217 in Mozambique, 139 in Zimbabwe, and 56 in Malawi. Reuters

$2 Cost of a 5-liter bottle of water in Caracas, Venezuela–compared to a monthly minimum wage of $6. As the country grapples with water cuts and power blackouts, the cost of clean water is soaring. Many families have resorted to taking water from streams and reusing it several times for households tasks. Reuters

In context: Worst-Ever Power Outage Deepens Venezuela Water Insecurity.

Science, Studies, And Reports

Water levels in the Kariba Dam, which provides hydropower output for Zambia and Zimbabwe, have fallen amid dry conditions. As a result, the Zambezi River Authority has cut output in an attempt to conserve supply throughout the remainder of the 2018-19 rainfall season. Bloomberg

On The Radar

Two Iowa towns, Hamburg and Glenwood, are without drinking water after recent flooding forced them to close their treatment plants. The towns, which have a combined population of 6,000, are currently relying on daily trucked-in water. Associated Press

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