The Stream, February 15: U.S. EPA Pushes PFAS Draft Regulations to End of 2019

The Global Rundown

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it will issue draft regulations on PFAS contamination by the end of 2019. Several gold panners are likely dead in Zimbabwe after floods swept through two mines. Los Angeles County decided to dissolve the Sativa water district, which has served tainted water to customer for years. The “Pineapple Express,” an intense storm bringing heavy rain and snowfall, hits the U.S. West Coast. Food and water continue to run low in volatile Venezuela.

“I’ve not had water for the past two years in my home…the closest [running water] is two miles away at the hospital… almost 500 people use one faucet.” –Aura Sarmiento, a resident of Caracas, Venezuela, in reference to water shortages in the city. Government negligence and hyperinflation are destroying the livelihoods of Venezuelans, leaving them without adequate food, water, or healthcare. Al Jazeera

In context: HotSpots H2O, July 23: Chaos Engulfs Venezuela as Mismanagement and Drought Cut Water Access.

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EPA Says It Will Regulate Two PFAS Chemicals in Drinking Water —  The agency’s PFAS action plan includes steps for regulation, monitoring, detection, and cleanup.

With Rising Temperatures, Stark Changes Ahead for Asia’s Water Tower —  The melting of the Hindu Kush Himalaya region will alter water supplies for a quarter of the planet’s people.

By The Numbers

1,600 Homes served by the Sativa Los Angeles County Water District. On Wednesday, authorities voted to shut down the district, which has administered discolored, smelly water for years. The L.A. County Department of Public Works will take control of the district for the time being. Los Angeles Times

38 Zimbabwean gold miners who were underground when floodwaters swept through the Silver Moon Mine and Cricket Mine. The miners, who were operating illegally, are all feared dead. The flood occurred after heavy rains broke through a dam wall. BBC

Science, Studies, And Reports

The U.S. EPA announced on Thursday that it will issue draft regulation on PFOA and PFOS,  two per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, in drinking water by the end of the year. EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler said the organization is conducting a comprehensive review of the contaminants, but many lawmakers criticized the ongoing delay in setting PFAS safety standards. The Hill

In context: EPA Says It Will Regulate Two PFAS Chemicals in Drinking Water

On The Radar

The “Pineapple Express” weather system is hitting the U.S. West Coast on Thursday and Friday, bringing particularly heavy precipitation to California. Already, the storm has forced evacuations and caused flooding in some areas. By the time the weather system has moved through, meteorologists say up to eight feet of snow could fall in parts of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Reuters

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