Early IFRC Funding in Bangladesh to Reduce Impact of Flood and COVID-19

More than 4 million people in Bangladesh in areas affected by the coronavirus pandemic are at risk of being overwhelmed by high water this week, according to flood forecasts from global and national monitoring agencies. There is a fifty percent chance the flood will submerge several districts in the country for at least three days.

Because the forecasts exceeded certain thresholds, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, began evacuating some 16,500 people from the three highest-risk districts.

IFRC’s tapped 230,000 Swiss Francs ($240,000) from its disaster relief fund to help protect people and property and provide medical aid and cash grants. Due to Covid-19, the federation distributed face masks and hand sanitizers to minimize the chance of infection.

“The compounding effects of COVID-19 and the floods could be devastating,” said Azmat Ulla, the IFRC head in Bangladesh. “And this funding is crucial to reducing the impact as much as possible.”

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