In Midst of Pandemic, United Nations to Accelerate Water and Sanitation Goals

The United Nations announced on Friday the launch of a mission to accelerate global efforts for safe water and sanitation for all by 2030.

The UN water agency noted that the goal of universal water and sanitation is “alarmingly off-track” and that progress needs to improve immediately.

The launch of this new framework, officially scheduled for July 9, will ask countries to redouble their focus on a goal that was set in 2015. UN-Water, which will coordinate the effort, plans to provide expertise, technical assistance, and advocacy support in order to tackle the crisis at a country level. The new framework will also demand a clear commitment from UN agencies, partners, and stakeholders to collaborate on financing, skills training, data collection, and governance.

This response will align with the UN’s support to countries in response to Covid-19. Gilbert Houngbo, the chair of UN-Water, said in a statement that the new framework will not only aid in the current crisis, but prevent more devastation in future pandemics.

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