The Stream, August 3, 2021: Far-Reaching Wetland Restoration Plan Approved In New Mexico


  • A newly approved restoration plan will improve watershed health and water quality in New Mexico.
  • More than half of rainwater harvesting systems in Gurugram, India, that have been checked in the last two weeks are clogged and dysfunctional, an internal report finds.
  • Monsoon rains displace more than 200,000 people inside Bangladesh’s refugee camps.
  • Activists in the United Kingdom are asking government officials to create a flash flood warning system as extreme weather events become more frequent.

Victims of flooding in a Taliban-controlled Afghani province are cut off from aid.

“Unfortunately, (since) the area is under control of the Taliban, we were unable to send our provincial teams to the area.” – Tamim Azimi, spokesman for Afghanistan’s state ministry for disaster management. Flooding in the remote, Taliban-controlled Afghani province of Nuristan has killed at least 113 people, Al Jazeera reports. The destruction of a major bridge in the Kamdesh district has hampered aid efforts by Afghanistan’s National Disaster Management Authority, which said it has been unable to provide food, temporary shelter, and medical support to victims.


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New Mexico Restoration Plan to Improve Watershed Health and Water Quality

U.S. Forest Service officials approved a far-reaching wetlands restoration plan in New Mexico, the Associated Press reports. The plan aims to enhance wildlife habitats, watershed health and water quality while countering the effects of climate change, wildfires, grazing, urbanization, recreation, and invasive species. The plan is controversial among environmental groups, who disagree on how effective the project will be in addressing extensive damage from agriculture.



An internal report from city officials in Gurugram, India, found that 54 percent of rainwater harvesting units that have been checked within the past two weeks were choked and dirty, according to the Hindustan Times. A team of officials has been tasked with inspecting over 400 rainwater harvesting systems throughout the city to ensure their functionality. Of the 84 that have been inspected, only 13 percent are in good condition.

200,000 +

Al Jazeera reports that monsoon rains triggered flash floods and landslides inside refugee camps in Bangladesh late last week. As of last Friday, more than 200,000 people had been displaced and 21 people, including three children, had been killed.


Flash floods on residential streets are becoming more common as climate change worsens, scientists say. The Independent reports that the United Kingdom, where surface water submersions are now a risk to millions of properties, activists are calling for a national flash flood alert system to warn residents of such events.

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