The Stream, July 27, 2021: Cases of Legionnaires’ Disease Are On The Rise In Chicago


  • Chicago officials say Legionnaires’ cases rose drastically in July.
  • Mexico’s Lake Cuitzeo is becoming drier and drier, threatening the livelihoods of farmers, ranchers, and fisherman.
  • Landslides and floods in India kill more than 135 people.
  • Over 100 people are arrested during protests over water shortages in Iran.

Legislation to increase funding for water infrastructure projects in U.S. Indigenous communities is introduced in Congress.

“This is long overdue. We are First Nations here, yet we’re the last nations to be really recognized. So it’s just an imbalance in equity.” – Hopi Tribe Chairman Timothy Nuvangyoama. Two Democratic senators from New Mexico introduced legislation that would provide $6.7 billion for water infrastructure projects across U.S. Indigenous communities, AZ Central reports. If passed, the bill would be the largest amount of additional funding to address longstanding Indigenous water issues.

As Climate Change Worsens, Mexico’s Lake Cuitzeo Is Drying Up

Mexico’s Lake Cuitzeo is becoming drier and drier, threatening the livelihoods of regional farmers, ranchers, and fisherman. Al Jazeera reports that more than 70 percent of the lake has disappeared. Although the dry season is a natural phenomenon, human activity has caused drought to become harsher and longer over the past decade. As the lake continues to lose more water every year, more and more locals are leaving to find work elsewhere.



Flooding and landslides across India have killed more than 135 people, Al Jazeera reports. In Mahrashtra state, a landslide killed more than 40 people in the village of Taliye, where dozens of homes were flattened in a matter of minutes. In the city of Chiplun, eight Covid-19 patients at a local hospital reportedly died after the power supply to ventilators was cut off by floods. Experts say monsoon season around the world is becoming stronger due to climate change, threatening food, farming and the economy for nearly a fifth of the world’s population.


The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reported that 102 people have been arrested as protests over water shortages continue across Iran. While state media has reported that three people have died amid the protests, anonymous source told CNN the death toll may be much higher.


Cases of Legionnaires’ disease increased in Chicago this month, according to the Associated Press. Of the 49 cases counted in July, 15 people were admitted to an intensive care unit and two have died. Officials say they will continue to track cases and advised local healthcare providers to consider the disease for patients with symptoms of respiratory disease.

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