The Stream, October 14, 2021: More Than 40 Percent of Apartment Buildings In Sydney Experience Water Issues, Report Says


  • Ancient water infrastructure in India could help alleviate the countries worsening water crisis.
  • A new report finds that more than a quarter of apartment blocks in Sydney, Australia likely have defects, including a significant number of builds that have experienced water problems.
  • A do not drink water advisory was put in place in Canadian town after officials suspect a petroleum leak contaminated the water supply.
  • Sudan and Egypt attempt to gain support from Brazil amid ongoing negotiations with Ethiopia over a controversial dam.

The United Kingdom Environment Agency issues a stark warning to world leaders.

“It is adapt or die.” – Emma Howard Boyd, chairwoman of the British Environment Agency, in a report to the British government. In the weeks leading up to the United nation’s annual climate conference in Glasgow, the British Environment Agency released a report calling on world leaders to take bold action against climate change. The New York Times reports that the United Kingdom and other nations have experienced more frequent droughts, heat waves, and flash floods in recent years due to the warming of the planet. The new report warns that adaption measures have not caught up with the speed at which the world’s climate is changing, and that adaptation, rather than mitigation measures, are what will “save millions of lives.”


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What’s Up With Water – October 11, 2021 – This week’s episode of What’s Up With Water covers a UN report calling for equitable distribution of water between Israel and Palestine, officials in the Great Lakes region who will provide bottled water to two communities contending with contaminated drinking water and Michigan health officials recommending thousands of residents in Benton Harbor use bottled water for cooking, drinking, and brushing teeth.

Ancient Water Infrastructure Could Save India From Its Water Crisis

Ancient stepwells in India could help solve the country’s water crisis, according to the BBC. As the nation continues to exploit groundwater reserves and nearly half of all Indians face severe water shortages daily, some experts believe the stepwells could help refill ground aquifers and boost rainwater harvests.



Over a quarter of apartment blocks in Sydney Australia built between 2007 and 2017 likely have defects, according to a new report. The report, Cracks in the Compact City, found that 42 percent of builds experienced water issues. Other defects occurred too, like cracking and fire safety issues.

8,500 PEOPLE

Around 8,500 people living in the city of Iqaluit in the Canadian territory of Nunavut were put under a do not drink water advisory this week after a suspected petroleum leak contaminated the city’s water system. City officials said residents are advised not to consume tap water for drinking or cooking, but using the water laundry, cleaning, and showering are deemed safe, according to CTV News.


After Brazil was named a nonpermanent member of the United Nations Security Council in June, Egypt and Sudan have ramped up efforts to win the South American country’s support in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) crisis, Al-Monitor reports. Egypt and neighboring country Sudan have been at odds with Ethiopia for over a decade as Ethiopia continues to fill and operate the dam without a written agreement on how to share the water of the Nile River. If tensions between the three east African nations continue to escalate and the matter is put to the council again, Egypt hopes that strong ties with Brazil could work in their favor.

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