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India’s Severe Drought Causing Havoc

Water scarcity forces millions of people off of farms and into teeming cities. By Keith Schneider, Circle of Blue On Monday, as it’s been for weeks now, hundreds of farmers from mountainous Bundelkhand, a drought-ravaged region of north central India, climbed down from the Mahakaushal Express and headed for the highway underpasses near Delhi’s Nizamuddin […]

President Obama’s Flint Visit is Critique of “Culture of Neglect” That Damages Nation’s Water

Escalating risks drive water quality and supply to top of public agenda. By Keith Schneider, Circle of Blue FLINT, MI — Before Barack Obama spent Wednesday afternoon in this tormented post-industrial Michigan city, the last president that visited Flint was Gerald Ford. That was in 1974, just a few months after Richard Nixon resigned the […]

Karoo Uranium, Fossil Energy Development Defies Water Scarcity and Reason

Renewable energy flourishes while South Africa leadership pursues risky, costly conventional fuels path.

A Murder on South Africa Wild Coast Escalates Conflict Over Water, Land, Mining

Opposition leader assassinated in one of world’s dangerous clashes over industrial development.

South Africa Locks Onto Coal Despite Water Risks, Grim Market Trends

Demand and prices steadily slip, causing economic and political turbulence.

World Energy Council Advances New Details on Water-Energy Nexus

New report warns of the rising risk of energy and food shortages caused by scarce supplies of water.

South Africa Coal Projects Collide With Water Scarcity, Financial Turmoil

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