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Stacey Travis

For more than 15 years, Stacey Travis was a television producer for networks like FOX, A&E, and AMC. Until, that is, she drastically switched careers in 2006, when doctors in Uganda and South Sudan told her about the water-related illnesses that plague these nations. Travis felt compelled to help and soon after founded Drop In […]

Rose George

While working as an editor and writer at COLORS Magazine, Rose George was assigned to work on Cacas, a coffee table book featuring photographs of animal and human feces, for which “caca” is slang. Through the project, she discovered Sulabh International, an organization in India that provides public toilets and works to liberate those whose […]

Isabella Bovolo

Guyana means “land of many waters” in a native Amerindian language, but it also houses one of the most pristine rainforests left in existence, the Iwokrama. In 1996, Guyana and the Commonwealth of Nations established an organization of the same name. According to Iwokrama resident scientist Isabella Bovolo, the organization aims to fill large data […]

Erin Huber

Erin Huber grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, near the Great Lakes, where clean fresh water is abundant and tap water is sometimes taken for granted. As a humanitarian and an environmentalist, Huber spearheaded rooftop gardens and farmers’ markets, but eventually honed her focus to water. Huber founded the Drink Local Drink Tap (DLDT) campaign in […]

Rohini Nilekani

Rohini Nilekani began her career as a journalist and writer. But upon marrying Nadan Nilekani — co-founder of the Indian tech-consulting firm Infosys — and coming into some money, she sought a cause to support financially. “I was looking for an area that would make sense to me and that would also have some kind […]

The Stream, August 30: More Crop Per Drop

A theme of food and water waste reduction, especially in agriculture, characterizes a large number of speeches and events as World Water Week in Stockholm continues, according to Environmental News Service. Hurricane Isaac is not on track to hydrate drought-stricken areas in the Midwest, contrary to many farmers’ hopes. Instead, it may saturate and ruin […]

The Stream, August 28: Stockholm and the Nexus

This year’s Stockholm International Water Week is placing a particular focus on minimizing food waste and increasing water efficiency through agriculture and irrigation, among other methods, Bloomberg reported. During talks in Stockholm on Monday, the United Nations called upon the G20 to minimize food and water waste. The leaders emphasized the need for action, especially […]

The Stream, August 27: Water Versus Carbon

Technology Desalination technologies are expanding as freshwater scarcity rivals carbon emissions as a major environmental hazard, and the industry is expected to be a $US 17 billion business within the next five years, according to Bloomberg. A report by the International Water Management Institute has proposed low-cost, small-scale irrigation strategies for farms in South Asia and sub-Saharan […]

The Stream, August 23: The Struggle for Safe Drinking Water

This photo slideshow demonstrates the effects of coal extraction on water, vegetation and lifestyles in northwest China. A recent report from Greenpeace speaks out against the expansion of coal bases in the region, according to the Guardian. Safe Drinking Water Algal blooms are spreading in South Korean rivers. Although the cause of the blooms is up for […]

The Stream, August 21: Microbes in Drinking Water Provide New Insights

Drinking Water Bacteria A University of Michigan study showed that bacteria found in drinking water can be traced to treatment filters instead of the original aquifers or rivers. The researchers, who studied Ann Arbor, Michigan’s tap water, said their findings could lead to more natural, sustainable water treatment processes and assist engineers in controlling microbes […]

The Stream, August 20: Contaminants Exacerbate Water Scarcity Issues

United States CO2 emissions are the lowest they have been in 20 years, a decline attributable to a shift toward natural gas usage. Some are calling natural gas a temporary fix, however, due to the potentially detrimental effects of natural gas drilling, The Associated Press reported. Saltwater from the Gulf of Mexico has flowed into […]

Lori Pottinger

Lori Pottinger advocates for rural communities that are at risk of being displaced by dam construction. She says that residents are not always aware of the extent of cultural and lifestyle adjustments they will have to make — or the option of resisting development. “They’re giving their all, and then they’re getting nothing from these […]