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The Stream, July 25: New Report on Coal Plants Exposes Michigan Regulation

Energy Of 274 coal plants nationwide that discharge coal ash and scrubber wastewater into waterways, at least 16 are in Michigan, according to a new report released by the Sierra Club. “This report makes it clear that DTE needs a lesson in common sense: dumping poisons into our water without disclosing threatens the health, drinking […]

The Stream, July 19: Study Concludes Pennsylvania Fracking Did Not Contaminate Drinking Water

United States The Department of Energy now says that contrary to a claim made earlier this year, chemicals from hydraulic fracturing in Pennsylvania did not contaminate drinking water aquifers, Bloomberg News reported. The conclusion comes from a National Energy Technology Laboratory study conducted in Pittsburg, the first ever where a drilling company has allowed government […]

The Stream, July 18: Water Crisis Averted, Prince George’s Citizens Displeased

Government Action Nearly 100,000 citizens in Prince George’s County expressed disbelief after the call off of a potential water crisis, The Washington Post reported. Utility workers were able to fix the problem, a 48-year-old broken water valve, on Tuesday, but government officials waited until Wednesday to announce the resolved crisis, after many people had already […]

The Stream, July 11: One in Four Drinking Water Samples in Mumbai Found Contaminated

Water Management After more than two weeks of complaints from customers about having dirty water pumped into their houses, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) in Mumbai found 26% of water samples, up from 16% last year, unfit for consumption, The Times of India reported. Cases of waterborne disease in the city have been rising in direct […]

The Stream, July 10: Great Barrier Reef’s UNESCO Heritage Status at Risk

Australia released a report Wednesday indicating that conditions at the Great Barrier Reef have dropped since 2009 from “moderate” to “poor”, Gulf News reported. Despite a successful decrease in agricultural runoff, the reef has been overwhelmed with “continuing poor water quality, cumulative impacts of climate change and increasing frequency and intensity of extreme events,” the […]

The Stream, July 4: Largest Household Survey Ever Reveals Huge Water Waste

Water Use Britain could save $US 328.22 million each year by cutting one minute from shower times, The Guardian reported from a recent Energy Saving Trust survey. “When people think of energy use they think of heating and lighting…It’s all too easy to turn on the tap and not think about the…environmental and energy cost […]

The Stream, June 27: Spanish Town Adopts Toilet-to-Tank Water Concept

Development Spanish resort town Chiclana de la Frontera is piloting the first global plant to convert waste water to usable energy, Reuters reported. Named “All-gas”, the plant uses carbon dioxide to produce algae biomass, which by 2015 will to be able to power 200 cars for a year. During a spending panel Wednesday, Baltimore residents […]