Report: Groundwater Pumping a Major Cause of Declining Water Storage in the Middle East

Satellite data shows the Tigris and Euphrates river basins are yet another example of how groundwater is being pumped at unsustainable rates across the world.

Contaminated U.S. Groundwater Sites Will Cost $110 Billion to Clean, Report Says

State and federal regulators need to consider the cost of remediation,…
Groundwater Rescues New Mexico Farmers

In These Dry Times, Groundwater Rescues New Mexico Farmers

Surface water allocations last year were 10 percent of normal,…
africa groundwater

Interpreting New Data on Africa's Groundwater

Ever wonder what we're working on behind the scenes here at Circle…
The winning design by Richard Vijgen in the World Water Day competition by HeadsUP and will be on display in New York City's Times Square for one month. Titled “Seasonal and Longterm Changes in Groundwater Levels,” Vijgen's design uses NASA's gravitational data.

Satellite Perspectives: NASA's GRACE Program Sees Groundwater From Space

A first-of-its-kind space mission shows dips in groundwater supplies…

Peter Gleick: Mining California Groundwater - The Cadiz Project

A private company, Cadiz Inc. (Cadiz), has revived plans to mine groundwater underlying land in the delicate Eastern Mojave Desert. This project revives fundamental questions about how we manage our precious water resources, and in particular, whether in the 21st century it is appropriate, or even necessary, to use renewable water resources in a nonrenewable and unsustainable way, for short-term profit.

Map: NASA Shows Big Dip in U.S. Groundwater Regionally, Especially Near Texas Drought

Using calculations based on satellite observations and long-term…

Study: Overpumping Draws Down the World's Groundwater Reserves

Groundwater depletion doubled between 1960 and 2000.

Coal Ash Contaminates Groundwater and Drinking Water Sites in 21 States, Study Finds

The EPA must do a better job of regulating the waste and protecting the nation’s water supply.

Michigan Supreme Court Case Could Strengthen Protection of State’s Lakes, Streams and Groundwater

An environmental group’s legal victory in the fight to block the dumping of water from a contaminated site into a popular Michigan fly-fishing stream may provide stronger legal protections for lakes and streams across the state.

Bid to Protect Michigan’s Groundwater Draws Opposition, Praise

A proposed bill that declares Michigan’s groundwater a “public trust” has set off a storm of controversy, with opponents claiming that the legislation would expose property owners to new state fees.

Peter Gleick: Stealing Water from the Future - California's Massive Groundwater Overdraft Newly Revealed

A NASA report summarizing data collected from new satellites confirms what most water observers have known for a long time. Massive amounts of groundwater are being sucked out of California's Central Valley groundwater aquifers -- unreported, unmonitored, and unregulated.