Infographic: Household Wells in the United States

Thirteen percent of Americans, some 42 million people, use a household well for their water supply.

Michigan's Groundwater Emergency

Groundwater in Michigan is “compromised and deteriorated.”

Michigan PFAS by the numbers: How much is unsafe?

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Thirsty Cities Drill for Water

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Water-Stressed Beijing Exhausts Its Options

After depleting groundwater reserves, China's capital is becoming increasingly reliant on water pumped from the country's flood-prone South.

U.S. Courts Issue Contradictory Rulings on Groundwater and the Clean Water Act

Courts grapple with pollution cases that pit the law against nature.

NASA Ends Trailblazing Satellite Mission that Revealed Global Groundwater Trends

Due to old age and battery failure, NASA terminates the GRACE…

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High-capacity irrigation wells are drying out lakes but state…