New Zealand Waterways Fouled by Farm Runoff, Tourist Waste

Pesticides, trash, and heavy metals litter New Zealand’s waterways.

Climate Change Threatens Health of Pacific Island Nations

As storms grow stronger, communities and public health infrastructure are at risk.

U.S. Military Aims to Improve Water Security, Climate Resilience

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Protests Break Out After India’s Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Downstream State in Cauvery River Dispute

A decades-long quarrel over water allocations boils up again during this year's dry summer, ending in farmer protests and increased security.

Global Gold Rush: The Price of Mining Pursuits On The Water Supply

Water supplies remain key to the global boom in gold mining, driven by high demand and near-record prices.

Photo Slideshow: Wastewater in Manila, Capital of the Philippines

Manila Water Company, in charge of resource distribution for the Manila’s East Zone, is ramping up its focus and funding for city-wide sewerage projects.

Infographic: Water Privatization in the Philippines

Breaking down the history of water privatization in the Philipine capital of Manila, this infographic explores the city's varied success with privatization using a timeline and a map.

Photo Slideshow: Water Connections in the Informal Community of Cuatro, East Zone Manila

When vendors and their customers spend less on water from the filling stations, both parties stand to profit, according to aid workers in Manila.

Making Connections in the Philippines: Water Privatization Across Manila’s East Zone

While water privatization projects around the globe continue to be controversial, Manila stands out for its innovations and its impasses, often touted as one of the world's most extensive urban water privatization projects to date.