Photo Slideshow: Wastewater in Manila, Capital of the Philippines

Manila Water Company, in charge of resource distribution for the Manila’s East Zone, is ramping up its focus and funding for city-wide sewerage projects.

Manila Water Company — which has been the water provider in Manila’s East Zone since water and sewer services were privatized in 1997 — received a $US 275 million loan from the World Bank last month to finance wastewater treatment facilities in city. The company is launching a public awareness campaign to increase participation in wastewater management.

“Our biggest barrier for delivering [wastewater treatment] is trying to get acceptance from customers,” Baffrey said. ” Everything is tied together, so we have to approach things in a holistic manner, to package it as a full water cycle. There are technical solutions and funding, but our biggest challenges are customer acceptance and local governmental acceptance of the need.”

Before Manila Water Company took over water and santiation systems in the East Zone, less than 3 percent of the zone had sewerage coverage. As of 2012, the statistic is now 23 percent, including 38 functioning sewage and septage facilities.

J. Carl Ganter is Circle of Blue’s Traverse City-based co-founder and director. Ganter visited Manila last September, and this slideshow was made to accompany an article written by special contributor Sarah Haughn: Making Connections in the Philippines — Water Privatization Across Manila’s East Zone. Reach Ganter at

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