Infographic: Top 10 Deepest Freshwater Lakes in the World

In which fresh water body can you scuba dive down more than 5,350 ft (1.63 km)? Which deep African lake has more fresh water fish species than any other lake in the world? Where might you discover space-like subglacial creatures? The answers to these questions can be found in Circle of Blue’s latest infographic: The Top Ten Deepest Freshwater Lakes in the World.

Using the most recent data, Circle of Blue compiled a list of the top-ten deepest freshwater lakes in the world. The lakes span the world, from Russia to Antarctica. Ranging in depth from some 5000 to 500 feet-deep, the freshwater bodies harbor some of the most diverse and interesting life on the planet.

Circle of Blue strives to identify and describe the dimensions of the global freshwater crisis in ways not imagined only a few years ago. Print these graphics and post them in your classrooms, offices, homes, or whereever you think people should know more about water.

Download the PDF.

The Top Ten Deepest Freshwater Lakes in the World

Click the image below to enlarge. Graphic by Yiruo Zhao for Circle of Blue
Infographic: Top Ten Deepest Freshwater Lakes in the World
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  1. Tom Kelly says:

    Nice presentation of the lake depth data. How about doing a similar graphic for lake surface area and volume? I plan to use your depth graphic in an upcoming class presentation. Thanks.

    PS: I’ve been using a page out of Ruttner’s 1963 Fundamentals of Limnolgy text (with the publisher’s permission) for lake surface comparison with students for years. I’m looking for something a little more colorful.

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