Infographic: The Drier, Wetter, Warming U.S.

Despite warm and cold extremes in 2014, precipitation and temperature…

Map: India’s Energy Reserves, Capacity, and Potential Renewable Energy (2008-2012)

Click through the interactive infographic to see how India, the world’s fastest-growing nation with the second-highest population, races to meet rising demand for energy.
India water food energy choke point infographic graphic data coal groundwater scarcity bureaucracy

Infographic: Water, Food, and Energy Choke Points in India

India's resource problems are not those of scarcity, but rather of inefficient use and bureaucratic policies.

Infographic: Tree Map of Freshwater Withdrawal by Country — A Comparison Between Continents

Does the population of a country affects to its freshwater withdrawal? and its geographic location? Are there differences between Continents? and within them? How the availability of freshwater is spread around the economic sectors?

Infographic: Interactive Urban Water Explorer

Entry in the 2011 Urban Water Design Challenge, sponsored by and Circle of Blue.
Information Graphic Freshwater Withdrawal by Country

Infographic: Freshwater Withdrawal by G7 Country

This visualization visually and physically describes the freshwater withdrawal per capita from the G7 and another nation.
The source of Cuatro Ciénegas’ water deficit is groundwater irrigation from grain farms in Ocampo, about 50 kilometers north (31 miles) of Cuatro Ciénegas, and from alfalfa and dairy production in the south Hundido Valley, about 45 kilometers (28 miles) southwest. Here,  a center pivot sprinkler irrigates Hundido Valley fields.

Coming Era of Water Scarcity Will Prompt Global Industrial Transformation, According to Survey of International Experts

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Population growth, urban development, farm production, and climate change is increasing competition for fresh water and producing shortages so acute that virtually every industry in the world anticipates sweeping systemic transformation over the next decade in their strategic planning, production practices, and business models.

WaterViews | Infographics

Infographics by Hannah Nester for Circle of Blue. Produced as part of the WaterViews project.

Infographic: Top 10 Deepest Freshwater Lakes in the World

craterlake In which freshwater body can you scuba dive down more than 5,350 ft (1.63 km)? Which deep African lake was more freshwater fish species than an other lake in the world?

Infographic: 10 Things You Should Know About Water

10thingsknow How much drinkable water is there in the world? How much water does an American, a European, an African use everyday?