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‘Standing Rock Is Everywhere:’ An Interview with Judith LeBlanc of the Native Organizers Alliance | PODCAST |

When members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe set up camp on the banks of the Cannonball River in April to protest the Dakota Access pipeline, they had little idea how widely their movement would spiral. The peaceful demonstration, which drew supporters from all corners of the continent to the North Dakota plains, summoned a […]

H2O Hotspots 2016 Year in Review | PODCAST |

In this special year end round table, Circle of Blue reporters discuss the big stories of 2016. In 2016, Circle of Blue’s US coverage closely followed the developments out of Flint Michigan, as the city continued to struggle with lead contamination in its drinking water. Our team also covered the ongoing controversy over the Dakota […]

Water and Mining: Are Companies Correctly Pricing in Risks? | PODCAST |

From Peru to Australia water stresses are rewriting the way mines are built, regulated, and operated. While the environmental risks to water from mining are well documented, new concerns arise as populations grow and water scarcity increases. Are companies pricing these new risks into their operations? Are communities around mines informed not only about environmental […]

Water Under President-elect Trump: A Roundtable Discussion | PODCAST |

Donald Trump enters the White House at a time of severe ecological and political turbulence. His few campaign statements about the environment were direct and consequential: withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement, close the Environmental Protection Agency, and increase infrastructure spending. What does a Trump administration mean for water? How will he address environmental […]

Water Security: Freedom from Intolerable Water-Related Risks | PODCAST |

Large-scale drought in southern Africa. Floods in North Korea and Haiti. Rumblings of water-related conflicts in Pakistan and India. In Circle of Blue’s latest HotSpots H2O podcast, Dr. David Grey, a visiting professor of Water Policy from Oxford University, argues that water security is closely linked to migration, climate change risk, and economic development. In […]

Tunisia’s Thirst Uprising: A Nation on the Edge

Despite major gains since the Arab Spring, Tunisia’s future remains uncertain. By Cody Pope, Circle of Blue In Tunisia, the country where the Arab Spring was born, Tunisians are still self-immolating in protest after nearly five years of democratic reforms. In September two men—a farm worker in Regueb, and a café owner from Fernana—set themselves ablaze […]