Water Inequality Used to be a Developing World Problem Only. Not Any More.

The problems of water scarcity and polluted supplies are no longer solely the preserve of developing countries.

Water Access In Lima Complicated by Inequality and Climate Uncertainty

Lima, Peru, is at high risk for water shortages.

In Kabul, Residents Chase Receding Groundwater

The number and depth of wells is constantly increasing in Afghanistan’s capital city.

Karachi’s Water Supply Curtailed by Theft and Mismanagement

Theft, corruption, and disrepair hamper water access for millions in Pakistan's largest city. 

When the Water Is Shut Off

Cities employ vastly different strategies for late-paying customers.

Financiers Express Concern About Missouri River Pipeline Crossing

Conflict over water supplies and land makes investors nervous This…

Water Sector Corruption Impedes Sustainable Development

Report asserts universal access to water and sanitation requires more transparency and accountability.

Water Affordability Is A New Civil Rights Movement in the United States

Cost of water and sewer services is rising out of reach for hundreds…

Rio Tinto’s Michigan Nickel Mine Introduces Citizen Water Quality Testing Program

Despite skepticism, company agrees to finance environmental monitoring at Eagle Mine

In Great Lakes, Reports Offer Reassurance and Warnings About Oil Pipeline Safety

Three studies reach differing conclusions about the vulnerability…

Business vs. Environment: Ohio Governor Vetoes Lake Erie Water Withdrawal Bill

The highly controversial bill set the highest thresholds for water withdrawal permits in the Great Lakes region, sparking debate between environmentalists and businesses over the use of Lake Erie water.