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Mine Cleanup Law Weakened By Coal’s Decline

Reclamation is a flashpoint for the partisan divide over fossil fuels.

The President and Congress Deliver $11 Billion for Abandoned Mine Cleanups

Midwest is the target of more dollars to secure water and revive former energy strongholds.

FRESH, October 4, 2022: Carbon Dioxide Storage and Transport Emerges as Political Flashpoint

In central Illinois, residents are reluctant to make way for an underground carbon dioxide pipeline.

FRESH, September 20, 2022: Line 5 Must Reroute, But Not Shut Down, Judge Rules

A U.S. district court judge ruled that the Line 5 oil pipeline has been trespassing on certain tribal lands since 2013.

Lake Erie’s Failed Algae Strategy Hurts Poor Communities the Most

Algae blooms are hiking the cost of water for people already struggling to pay their bills.

HotSpots H2O: As Floods Subside, Pakistan’s Economy Is on a Knife-Edge

Monsoon rains arrive as the country battles a financial crisis.

FRESH, September 6, 2022: Demand Surges As Detroit Unrolls Water Affordability Plan

Starting this month, over 2,500 Detroit residents will see lower water rates as a new affordability plan takes effect.

Q&A: Do We Have to Choose Between Speedy Development and Environment?

Environmental review is under scrutiny on Capitol Hill. Here’s what a NEPA expert thinks policymakers should keep in mind.

FRESH, August 23, 2022: Lake Erie Wind Project Can Proceed, Ohio Court Rules

The pilot project will consist of six wind turbines in Lake Erie, about eight miles offshore from Cleveland.

HotSpots H2O: In Northern Mexico, Harsh Drought Compounds Water Inequality

Poor residents in Monterrey are buying bottled water from companies that extract groundwater from beneath their feet.

FRESH, August 9, 2022: Unmonitored Ag May Account for Majority of Lake Erie Manure Pollution

An estimated 60 percent of manure pollution in Lake Erie’s western basin may originate from farms whose manure disposal is not tracked.

Eastern Kentucky Floods Continue Cycle of Poverty

The hardest-hit areas are some of the poorest in the United States.