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Projecting Global Water Supplies With A New Tool

ISciences develops predictive model for anticipating water stress. The profound disturbance in the planet’s water supply is linked by scientists to climate change. As the world’s weather becomes more erratic so too does predicting how much fresh water will be available for human use. ISciences, an Ann Arbor-based research group, has set out to remedy […]

Visioning Flowing Waters, From Laos to Cambodia

Mouth to Source brings remote locations along the Mekong River to life

Infographic: Top 10 Deepest Freshwater Lakes in the World

In which freshwater body can you scuba dive down more than 5,350 ft (1.63 km)? Which deep African lake was more freshwater fish species than an other lake in the world?

Infographic: 10 Things You Should Know About Water

How much drinkable water is there in the world? How much water does an American, a European, an African use everyday?

Mark Turrell: Social Collaboration Tools for Changing the World

Mark Turrell

Mark Turrell, CEO of Imaginatik, speaks about the power of social media.

More Water for Fish, NOAA Declares

In an 800-page report, federal officials issued a dire prediction for California’s salmon — they’re just about out of water. The only solution: cut water usage in the Central Valley.

Helsinki, Water and the Future of Chemistry?

HELSINKI — The first international Helsinki Chemical Forum (HCF) is well underway, and among the topics being talked about is water.

Fred Krupp: Changing the Climate at the World Economic Forum

Fred Krupp

Fred Krupp, of the Environmental Defense Fund, talks carbon, Obama and more.

Photo Slideshow: The Thirsty West Bank

In a Drying Land, a Constant Struggle for Water PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEFANO SERRA Story by Sarah Haughn Circle of Blue Reports Perched between the sea and the desert, Israel and Palestine are facing more than five years of drought-like conditions. The summer of 2008 was particularly harsh, as drought engulfed much of the Middle East […]

Veronika Jaglova: Europe’s Water Challenges


Veronika Jaglova, Water Director at the Czech Ministry of the Environment, speaks about Europe’s water policy.

Water Allocations for Californian Farmers Increased, But Only Somewhat

Farmers south of California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta can expect to receive about 10 percent of their federally allocated water this spring, so says the U.S. Department of the Interior. That’s up from zero, after heavy rain- and snow-fall in the Sierra’s had the Bureau of Reclamation reassess earlier predictions Tuesday.

John Elkington: The Phoenix Economy – a new paradigm for sustainable business


John Elkington discusses The Phoenix Economy, a new report about a possible economic renaissance.