Photo Slideshow: The Thirsty West Bank

In a Drying Land, a Constant Struggle for Water


Story by Sarah Haughn

Circle of Blue Reports

Perched between the sea and the desert, Israel and Palestine are facing more than five years of drought-like conditions. The summer of 2008 was particularly harsh, as drought engulfed much of the Middle East in one of the driest years on record.

Italian photographer Stefano Serra spent October of that year documenting the drought. Traveling through the West Bank, he photographed its effects on the region and its people.

script by Sarah Haughn/photographs by Stefano Serra


Production by C.T. Pope, narrated by J. Carl Ganter. Find all of Serra’s work at his website. Italian-English translation provided by Donna Hart; translation voiced by C.T. Pope. Additional support for this article was provided by Brian Colby. For any additional information please contact All photographs copyright Stefano Serra/Circle of Blue.

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  1. Greg O'Neill says:

    There is an end to the global water crisis, found in the knowledge that fresh, clean water is constantly being produced, deep within our world, due to tectonic and volcanic processes. NASA and ESA scientists have announced the presence of magmatic or primary water on the surface of the Moon, as well as on Mars, yet few people seem to consider the same process responsible for water on these planetary bodies, without atmosphere, is at work on our world, and within it. Japanese researchers, based on their lab studies, have calculated there is at least five times as much water within the crust of our world as is found in all oceans, lakes and rivers on the surface.

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