HotSpots H2O: First Covid Case Linked to Community Spread Rattles Gaza

Gaza authorities announced last week the first Covid-19 case…

Tehran Faces Crisis As Iran’s Water Supply Runs Low

Tehran, the capital and largest city, could soon be the epicenter of Iran’s water crisis.

Amman Faces Water Squeeze as Refugees Rush into Jordan

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Karachi’s Water Supply Curtailed by Theft and Mismanagement

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Egypt’s Nile River Pressured by Population Growth, Rising Sea Level

Threats to the Nile and explosive population growth are pushing Egypt toward severe water scarcity.

HotSpots H2O, February 12: Spotlight on Drought and Unrest in Iran

Scarce rainfall and poor water management have led to prolonged drought in Iran. As the dry spell continues, water shortages could spark further unrest in the country.

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Desalination could remake the region’s politics and ecology.…

Israel’s Water Resource Ethic: More With Less

Desert life nurtures respect for water. By Brett Walton,…

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