Infographic: China’s Wind Energy Sector is Global Leader

Wind generating capacity in China has reached more than 42 GW—the most of any country.

At the end of 2009, more than 10,000 utility-scale wind turbines had been installed in China, according to the China Renewable Energy Industries Association. Last year, China spent approximately $US 45.55 billion on 378 big wind power projects, including installing roughly 8,000 new wind turbines, according to figures released last month by the China Industry Energy Conservation and Clean Production Association.

Click through the interactive infographic to see how China’s wind power stacks up against the top ten wind energy producers in the world.

Source: International Energy Administration, Global Wind Energy Council, European Wind Energy Association, China Wind Energy Association
Graphic © Ball State University; photograph ©Toby Smith/Reportage by Getty Images for Circle of Blue. Click through the interactive infographic above to learn more about China’s wind energy production. If you are having trouble viewing, click here.

Graphic by Mark Townsend, Megan Capinegro, Katelin Carter, and Chelsea May, undergraduate students at Ball State University.

With contribution by Aubrey Ann Parker and Keith Schneider. Parker is a Traverse City-based data analyst and news desk editor for Circle of Blue and can be reached at Schneider is Circle of Blue’s Traverse City-based senior editor. Contact Keith Schneider

Photograph by Toby Smith, a British photojournalist represented by Reportage by Getty Images who specializes in global energy and environment matters. His further work can be viewed on his website, and he can be reached at

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