The Stream, November 7: Storm Poised to Bring More Flooding to U.S. East Coast

President Obama Wins Re-election
The U.S. energy industry is expecting stricter regulations during President Obama’s second term, with tighter rules for water management, emissions and drilling on federal land, Reuters reported. Nonetheless, the President is also expected to support the development of natural gas, and will likely give eventual approval for the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.

Here, the Guardian’s Damian Carrington discusses what Obama’s re-election might mean for climate change action.

Meanwhile, one week after Sandy, another storm is brewing along the U.S. East Coast, USA Today reported. While not as strong as Sandy, this storm could bring more snow, rain and flooding to communities that are still struggling to recover.

Heavy rains flooded hundreds of homes, triggered landslides and covered roads in northeast Slovenia, Xinhua reported.

Energy Development
Laos held a ground-breaking ceremony today for its controversial Mekong River hydropower dam, the Guardian reported. Other countries in the Mekong River basin, such as Cambodia and Vietnam, are opposed to the dam and fear it could harm downstream fisheries and agriculture.

Libya is evaluating possible shale drilling operations to increase its production of natural gas, according to Bloomberg News. The country is estimated to have 8.2 trillion cubic meters (290 trillion cubic feet) of recoverable shale gas, but hydraulic fracturing to release the gas requires large quantities of water.

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