The Stream, September 21: India Water Dispute

India A water shortage in India's Cauvery River Basin has pitted…
Water Conflict Map

Water As A Weapon — Weapons For Water

Following devastating news of poisoned children in Afghanistan, reporter Codi Yeager look at water security and conflicts around the globe.

The Stream, March 27: Uncertain Future for Shale Gas in Poland

Shale gas drilling is off to a disappointing start for investors…

The Stream, March 20: Connecting the Dots Between Water Stress and Food Prices

Hydropower and Water Security Two of the world's biggest energy…

The Stream, December 5: Afghanistan-Pakistan Water Relations

Afghanistan's plans to build 12 dams on the Kabul River, and…

The Stream, November 23: Shale Gas and Climate Change

Developing the United Kingdom's shale gas reserves is incompatible…

The Stream, November 21: World Should Brace for More Weather Extremes

The world should brace for more record-breaking temperatures,…

The Stream, November 11: Keystone XL Decision Proposed

The Obama administration decided Thursday to study an alternate…
The Stream

The Stream, October 7: Final Hearing On Keystone XL Pipeline

Environmentalist Bill McKibben talks to the Guardian about tar…

USGS Reports Declining Water Supply, Rising Mineral Wealth in Kabul

Mining for Kabul's untapped reserves could further compromise the area's already fragile water resources

New Report: Turbid Water Stirs Up Future of Insecurity for Asia

Asia faces unprecedented water challenges, experts say, but solutions are within reach.

Virtual geology: New map to expose hidden water, minerals, and oil

LILLESTROEM, Norway - A new geological map, launched in Norway,…