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The Stream, October 7: Final Hearing On Keystone XL Pipeline

Environmentalist Bill McKibben talks to the Guardian about tar sands, Obama and the fight over climate change on the eve of the final hearing on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

Zebra mussels and agricultural runoff are wreaking havoc on fish populations in the Great Lakes, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing a recent study by the National Wildlife Federation. Toxic algae blooms were the worst in decades this summer.

A severe drought in Afghanistan’s northern and eastern regions is affecting 12 million people and causing food shortages, UPI reported.

The scores of natural disasters in the United States this year are causing U.S. insurance agencies to reevaluate their risks in an era of climate change,The New York Times reported.

Airlines must pay for their carbon emissions, a European Union court confirmed Thursday. Starting in January, airlines will need to purchase carbon permits for flights that take off or land in Europe, according to EurActiv.

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