The Orphans of Yuang Shi Dong: China Cave Reflects Spiritual, Scientific Worlds

Zhou Mungqiu, who is 11 years old and whose name means “dream of spring,” pointed up to the top of Yuan Shi Dong, the “Fate Lion Cave,” where a fragile sliver of light descended from a small hole. Beside her, Shi Shanhong, whose name means kindness, also looked up and giggled.

Tracing Kunming, China’s Freshwater Hazards

KUNMING — The ground quakes with a blast as the limestone fragments are blown from their roots, like giant white teeth shattered and unmoored. Nearby, a worker prepares his drill to place another stick of dynamite deep within the rock. He stops for a moment, places his foot high on the rubble and surveys the vast construction landscape that will soon become China's fourth largest airport.

Karst Landscapes in China, Across the Continents

Although caves and karst landscapes often serve as a destination for fourth grade field trips, they certainly have direct relevance to the 1.5 billion people who live in karst regions -- many of whom rely on karst aquifers for drinking water.

‘Romeo and Juliet’ of China Captured in Karst

Among all the scenic spots in Shilin, the rock of Ashima in the Small Stone Forest is the most famous. This rock resembles a girl, with a kerchief on her head and a bamboo basket on her back. The shape and expression are surprisingly lifelike. Tourists dress up in traditional Sani -- a branch of the Yi ethnic group -- dresses to strike the same pose next to the stone girl.

Connecting Caves, Karst Landscapes and Climate Around the World

Scientists who study caves and karst landscapes are like all researchers. They look for data that addresses the broadest and most significant questions possible. It turns out that caves do a good job of providing significant answers. Those that contain animal fossils and records of ancient humans, for example, have been shown to have great value for understanding climate change and past environmental conditions.

“Food Security and Climate Change Are Deeply Interconnected,” UN Secretary-General Says

Farmers are hurt by erratic water supplies and underinvestment, according to summit speakers. Leaders weigh in on global agricultural investment during opening remarks of the FAO summit in Rome.

Changing Climate Complicates Central Asian Water Management

Glacier mass in Kyrgyzstan’s Tien Shan Mountains decreased 20 percent in the last 50 years, mostly in the last two decades.

China’s Dirty Water Leads to Protests, Some Reform

The smoke stacks of the Baosteel Complex dominate the skyline of Baotou, Inner Mongolia. The anchor of the city’s economy, the iron and steel giant has historically dumped much of its wastewater into the Yellow River. Click image to enlarge.GlobeScan Survey Reflects Country’s Need For Dire Action, More Information

Chinese Court Issues Verdicts Over Water Pollution

kunming Water polluters are on the docket of Chinese courts this week.

Ganges River to Nourish Arsenic-affected Villages in India

Bihar, in eastern India, will soon launch projects to supply safe drinking water.

Melting Everest Reveals Asian Water Supply on Slippery Slope

Fifty-six years after Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first ascended, modern climbers feel affects of global warming.

New Report: Turbid Water Stirs Up Future of Insecurity for Asia

Asia faces unprecedented water challenges, experts say, but solutions are within reach.