California Farms Use How Much Water? Nobody Really Knows

No comprehensive data exist on agricultural water consumption.

Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Receives Temporary Dam

Rock barriers will deflect saltwater intrusion in California’s most important water body.

California Orders First Mandatory Water Restrictions

Abysmal snowpack ‘obliterates’ record; cities told to conserve 25 percent.

Peter Gleick: Where to find one million acre-feet of water for California.

Californians have improved their efficiency of water use over the past 25 years. The state's economy and population have grown. But total water use has not grown, and per person, each Californian uses far less today. This improvement in efficiency has saved the state's collective rear end. So far.

Peter Gleick: Stealing Water from the Future – California’s Massive Groundwater Overdraft Newly Revealed

A NASA report summarizing data collected from new satellites confirms what most water observers have known for a long time. Massive amounts of groundwater are being sucked out of California's Central Valley groundwater aquifers -- unreported, unmonitored, and unregulated.

Peter Gleick: Prepare Now for Another Dry Year

The western United States is still in a drought. If you have any doubts, take a look at the latest map from the U.S. Drought Monitor. Maybe we'll be lucky and the rains will start soon and be healthy. But California water agencies and users must begin planning for another dry year.

California Drought: Snowpack Inspires Consumers, Worries Water Experts

One week after Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state-wide drought emergency for California, rangers reported Sierra snowpack levels at 80 percent of normal. While the measurements of this major source of water might seem cause for relief, experts hesitate.

Drought: California’s Impending Economic Crisis

If money grew on trees, California would still be in trouble.…

Op-ed: Californians called upon to solve state’s water shortage

Bodega, California, relies on a weekly truckload of water to…