California Fresh Groundwater Reserves Triple in New Assessment

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The Fall and Potential Rise of California’s San Joaquin Valley

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After Dry Wells, Relief for Some California Families

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One Way to Ease California Drought: Recycle Wastewater For Irrigation

Del Puerto Water District to buy a third of its water supply from Modesto and Turlock treatment plants.

In California’s Central Valley, Dry Wells Multiply in the Summer Heat

Tulare County continues to be the center of the drought’s drinking water crisis.

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California Drought Effect on Food Prices – Not Much

Groundwater, food imports, low fuel prices, and a strong American dollar have more influence on prices than drought.

California’s Rainless Summer Will Dry Up Drinking Water Supplies

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California Drought Is Not Lifting

Another dry winter forces political pressure for action.

California Drought Cuts Farm Water Allocation to Zero for Second Consecutive Year

The Central Valley prepares for an unprecedented shortage.