Report: Evaporation from California Irrigation Adds Enough Water to Colorado River to Supply 3 Million People

A new study says that cross-border evaporation can be added to the list of supply and policy problems that water and land managers in the arid Southwest US. should ponder.

The Stream, October 12: Shell in Court Over Nigeria Oil Spills

The world must improve land and water management in order to…
The winning design by Richard Vijgen in the World Water Day competition by HeadsUP and will be on display in New York City's Times Square for one month. Titled “Seasonal and Longterm Changes in Groundwater Levels,” Vijgen's design uses NASA's gravitational data.

Satellite Perspectives: NASA’s GRACE Program Sees Groundwater From Space

A first-of-its-kind space mission shows dips in groundwater supplies…

Peter Gleick: When Beliefs Conflict with Facts

Representative Jim Costa and the California Drought

Peter Gleick: Misusing California Water Numbers for Political Purposes: Jobs, Fish, and Lies

Anyone who pays attention to water in California knows that the state is just getting over (we hope) a serious three-year drought.

California Drought is No Problem for Kern County Oil Producers

Farmers do without water because of oil industry uses.

California’s Central Valley to Get More Water

As the state recovers from a three-year drought and copes with a deteriorating water infrastructure, the nation's food supply just got a boost.

Peter Gleick: ‘Drought Impacts on Unemployment Are Grossly Overstated’

Thus concludes a new comprehensive assessment of the impacts of the drought on Central Valley unemployment.

Peter Gleick: California’s Looming Groundwater Catastrophe

gleickcalipump21 California is one of the only states in the United States with almost completely unregulated groundwater use.

Peter Gleick: Truth Drought, California’s Real Shortfall

central_valley Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar came to California on Sunday to hear firsthand about California's drought.

Peter Gleick: Zero or All? What’s Really Happening in the Central Valley?

centralvalley Here is a short post, with two Water Numbers, and a request for real information if readers have it.

More Water for Fish, NOAA Declares

In an 800-page report, federal officials issued a dire prediction for California’s salmon -- they’re just about out of water. The only solution: cut water usage in the Central Valley.