Toxic Water, Toxic Crops: India’s Public Health Time Bomb

Raw sewage and industrial wastewater contaminated with metals and chemicals irrigate much of the India's food.

Analysis: India Seen As Vital Player at Paris Climate Conference

Opportunity to shift from coal to cleaner energy is real and needed.

Meghalaya Documentary — “Broken Landscape” — Broadcast Premiere on CNN-IBN in India

The film explores one of the world’s most dangerous coal fields.

Big India Dam, Unfinished and Silent, Could Be Tomb For Giant Hydropower Projects

Lower Subansiri River construction site was shut in 2011 and never restarted.
A coal-fired power plant under construction near the Mahanadi River in Chhattisgarh

What Can Be Done to Strengthen India’s Natural Resource Management? [Part 2 of 2]

The good news is that India’s government has started to shift its priorities in terms of how it manages the country’s economy and natural resources.
The cycle of risk produced by the policy of providing free water and free electricity to operate millions of irrigation pumps yields endemic surpluses, drains groundwater, contributes to brownouts and blackouts, and causes uneaten grain to pile up in outdoor storage areas, like this one in Punjab.

India’s Water, Food, Energy Conundrum: Conclusions From a Two-Year Reporting Project [Part 1 of 2]

For two years, the Wilson Center and Circle of Blue have explored…

Along Fouled Ganga, Fresh Resolve to Make India’s Mother River Clean Again

Courts and Prime Minister Modi press for new operating system to stem pollution.

The Story of Water, Energy, and Food Lives Here

Keith Schneider reports that the U.S.-China climate agreement is a Circle of Blue high point.

This is India — “Maybe Tomorrow”

Reflections of the banquet of bedlam that is modern India Photo…

Meghalaya’s Coal Shutdown Order Tests Law and New Court’s Resolve

The big case has huge ramifications for India's water, land,…

India’s National Green Tribunal Challenges Government and Industry To Follow the Law

Four-year-old court emerges as global leader in securing resources,…

India’s Faltering Energy Production and Damaged Water Resources Demand Modi’s Close Attention

India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi swept into office in May on a message of aspiration, and a reputation for action.